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the difference between microblading and nano brows

Eyebrow correction procedure tools. Pencil for permanent makeup in female hand. Instrument


Microblading is a technique done with a manual hand tool and a small blade made up of tiny needle groupings. With this technique we are making tiny scratches in the skin to create the hair stroke effect. This technique is good for clients with normal to dry skin, young healthy skin, and clients with small to no visible pores in the T zone. 

Pencil for permanent makeup in female hand. Brows tattooing. Microblading brow. Free space


Nano brows is a hair stroke technique done with a permanent make up machine and a single needle cartridge. With this technique there is no cuts just gently implanting the pigment which makes it the best technique for all skin types as it is the gentlest on the skin.


If you are a client who wants a hair stroke look but either has sensitive skin, oily skin, mature skin, thin skin, coarse eyebrow hair or no eyebrow hair this will be the best technique for you. 

Nano brows by Tori
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